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Off Hook is een nieuwe kunstruimte in Het Paleis! >>> Expo Lars Wolter: Potpourri t/m 26 nov 2021

Lars Wolter graduated from the Düsseldorf Art Academie in 2001. Previously he did an apprenticeship as a cabinetmaker. I learned more about him and his work through his participation in my book (A6 murals worldwide).

In his work Lars combines ideas from 1960s minimalism with contemporary culture. He produces large-format sculptures, wall objects and murals, which often relate to the space they are in. Often as a series, with a conscious abstention from any painterly gesture, variations of geometric examples and a multiplicity of forms emerge.

The colorful sculptures and objects are characterized by smooth surfaces and pure monochromacy. These objects are in direct dialogue with the murals that surround them. Lars has had several solo exhibitions at Rocket Gallery in London, Konsortium in Düsseldorf and the Poor Farm in Wisconsin. His work has been acquired by the Daimler Art Collection in Germany among others.

For this solo show of Lars Wolter, the space at Off Hook is leading and a limited-edition silkscreen print will be available especially for this occasion.


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