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Off Hook: Opening expositie 'LASCAUX GOLD OCHRE FIAT 132' Andreas Exner

Please welcome at the opening: Friday 03 June, 17.00 p.m.

According to the Federal Environment Ministry in Germany, a radioactive repository would have to be secured to last for the next 1.000.000 years. The oldest evidence of human civilization, however, is around 36.000 years old.

“Lascaux Gold Ochre Fiat 132” is the title of a work by the German painter Andreas Exner (*1962 in Gelsenkirchen, Germany) and his series of “Applied Monochrome Painting” shown at OFF HOOK. Andreas also participated in the project ‘A6 Murals Worldwide’ by Off Hook founder Lydia Wierenga. The book is available at Off Hook.

In search of color, Andreas Exner makes use of everyday objects and seeks a dialogue between painting and sculpture. The artist has developed a body of work that decisively innovates non-representational painting, carries it into public space and questions its essence. Possibilities of speed and standstill become just as much a means of painting, as the creation of interdisciplinary, and conceptual and visual references. For the moment of viewing the experience of everyday life is transcended into the pictorial realm by means of Exner’s painterly “insertions”. Volume and fragmentation, movement and immobility are questioned as to their form and content, thus contributing to a certain deceleration of seeing. The intangibility of a lost moment resonates in Exner’s work.

The exhibition LASCAUX GOLD OCHRE FIAT 132 will show works of Exner´s “Applied Monochrome Painting” series, alongside of an installation in front of the gallery, as well as some earlier works. Especially for this exhibition, a limited-edition silkscreen print of Andreas Exner will be available at Off Hook.

See you at Off Hook!

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